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Bobkovstudio exists since 1986.
It is one of the first Russian independent TV companies Now it is a Russian film production and service studio. The team of our company is young and creative. We are always ready to bring any idea to life, even if it seems practically impossible.
Nowadays we have a great experience of working with such famous TV-channels as American CNN and ABC, British Sky News and BBC, French ARTE and France2, German ZDF and N24, Japanese TV-Tokyo and NTV, Arabian AL-JAZEERA and others.

 Chechnya, Grozny after battle

Valery Bobkov is a well-known Russian Director of documentary films who has won several prices of international festivals. His main characteristic is an ability to shot exclusive pictures in most hard reached and dangerous areas. He works with a firm and active cure which includes high professionals: journalists, camera men and producers.
We create a lot of documentaries of different themes (nature, history, culture, social problems, etc.), TV-series (fiction and non-fiction) and animated films. We film in zones of military conflict, in the corridors of the Russian government, we can work in the difficult to reach regions of Siberia and the Far East. We specialize in filming the Russian Army and Navy, social-economic problems, ecology and the world of animals. The Studio has the bureaus in Kaliningrad, Sevastopol, Murmansk, Perm, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka, Vladivostok.

We will be happy to work with you! .

There is nothing impossible for us!!!

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Diving to the Pole
The new version of the film. This new HDV-film tells about preparation and realization of grandiose expedition to the North Pole, under direction of Chilingarov, with a diving to a North Pole ground (depth 4 200 meters). The film including unique pictures of the diving of Mir apparatus to the Arctic ground, wonderful arctic landscapes. Pictures of scientists work, discussions of participants of expedition about Arctics destiny. That expedition causes scandal about Arctical recourses..

Arctic Requiem
The new version of the film. Russian scientists from professors Yuri Gudoshnikov glaciology laboratory, by researching of Ice, Icebergs and Arctic animals every year making expedition to the Arctic. In the last expedition (may 2010), where there were also underwater researching, they have draw a conclusion, that North ice cap is melting too fast, and maybe, the world is staying on a border of ecological catastrophe. Population of polar bears, walruses and whales is in danger already today
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