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Some videos from our archives

Examples of the kinds of video materials we are able to provide


  • The Last Czar: archive materials of the last Russian czar Nicholas II and his family.
  • The History of the Soviet Union: all about communist leaders and main events from 1917 to 1991.
  • The Young Yeltsin; archive from various years.
  • From Democracy to Fascism: 10 years of democratic reforms in Russia (From Sakharov to Barkashev).
  • Raisa M. Gorbachev: a video archive.
  • The new President: archival materials on Vladimir Putin 1994-1999.
  • WWII German dead: digging up the graves of German soldiers who died on Russian soil in WWII, and the transporting of their bodies back to Germany.


  • A tragedy of Soviet troops in Afghanistan.
  • Sivil war in Tajikistan: a problem of refugees.
  • War in Abkhazia.
  • The road to war; the train from Moscow to Grozny, Chechnya.
  • Dagestan and Chechenia: Russia's new war.
  • Yugoslavian Embassy in Russia; Russian demonstrate their support, and volunteers sign up to help defend Serbia.
  • Kosovo: problems of the Russian Peace-keeping forces in Kosovo.
  • Slavic Heroes: Russian volunteers who fought NATO in Yugoslavia; interivews with them upon return.


  • A tragedy of Kursk submarine.
  • Training Russian Peace-keeping troops for work with NATO.
  • Women in the Russian Army: problems of women in the Army; a profile of one-woman commander who is Russian
  • Nuclear Submarines: from a port in to Arctic called Skalisty, the nuclear sub fleet of Russian still sallies forth to establish their presence on the high seas of the world.
  • Y2KJReady?: a look at the problem ofY2K readiness in the Russian Armed Forces.


  • A Veterinary Institute that does research on bacteriological Weapons.
  • The development of Russian Armaments, from the Kalashnikov AK-47 to the Black Shark helicopter.
  • Russian Nuclear-war training and readiness exercise " Maneuvers-West 99"; a test of the readiness of the Russian Nuclear missile arsenal.Off-the-shelf Russian weapons.
  • Russian Missiles and Tanks for Sale: demonstration firing of the latest models of Russian armaments in the Russian cities of Omsk and N. Tagil.
  • The underwater predators of the ships (spacecrafts).
  • Nuclear Legacy: 50 years of invention and research on nuclear weapons.
  • Problems of storage of nuclear, chemical, and bacteriological weapons.


  • Russian prisons.
  • Russian Hackers attack NATO; the schoolboys are prepared, NATO isn't!
  • A Soviet prison in Pokrov has been turned into a Convent for Orthodox nuns; but the prison still functions, and nuns and prostitutes end up spending time together.
  • How to bring up marijuana on the kitchen garden?
  • Gold for Amber: legal and illegal mining and jewelry-making out of amber, which is found almost exclusively in the Russian region of Kaliningrad.
  • Grand Theft Auto: the huge business of stealing autos in Europe and selling them in Russia; especially a problem for Germany.
  • The littlest victims: kindergarten schools for the ever-growing group of AIDS-infected kids in Kaliningrad.
  • Political persecution of Journalists, writing in Kaliningrad.
  • Russian fascism goes underground. Stuffs about barkashov's and skinhead in new conditions.
  • Russian Tax Police: (and you thought the IRS was unfriendly!) tax police break down doors and put guns to foreheads of their clients in their aggressive search for profits that
  • Russian business folks forgot to declare.
  • Russian Fascism: Barkashev goes underground, but the crops of new crew-cuts and recruits grows ever larger.
  • Child pornography in Russia: a study of a business that is flourishing in the lawless state, where money can buy your way out of any legal problems.


  • Everything about Kursk submarine.
  • 911 Russian-style: a day in the life of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Moscow, which handles everything from Mafia car bomb injuries to major natural disasters throughout Russia.
  • Russia: 100 years of catastrophes and wars.


  • Peat fires from the helicopter. The youth ecstasy-ecological shares.
  • Weird pets; strange animals that Russians keep as pets in their already cramped apartments.
  • Ecological catastrophe in Russia: various events/demos by ecological radical groups around Russia.


  • Russian Oligarch: Roman Abramovich; a profile in three parts.
  • 10 years to democratic reforms in Russia.
  • Northern Korea: a special style of life.
  • What is going on in Iraq?


  • Financial crisis at the Bolshoi theater; ballerinas are forced to moonlight as waitresses.
  • A 200 year history of the Russian felt boot; the hot item for cool winter wear in the Siberian tundra.
  • Arts of the Russian past: nuns who preserve old craft traditions, such as hand sewing wedding dresses in the 17th-century Style.
  • Russian ice hockey stars of Soviet time.

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Diving to the Pole
The new version of the film. This new HDV-film tells about preparation and realization of grandiose expedition to the North Pole, under direction of Chilingarov, with a diving to a North Pole ground (depth 4 200 meters). The film including unique pictures of the diving of Mir apparatus to the Arctic ground, wonderful arctic landscapes. Pictures of scientists work, discussions of participants of expedition about Arctics destiny. That expedition causes scandal about Arctical recourses..

Arctic Requiem
The new version of the film. Russian scientists from professors Yuri Gudoshnikov glaciology laboratory, by researching of Ice, Icebergs and Arctic animals every year making expedition to the Arctic. In the last expedition (may 2010), where there were also underwater researching, they have draw a conclusion, that North ice cap is melting too fast, and maybe, the world is staying on a border of ecological catastrophe. Population of polar bears, walruses and whales is in danger already today
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