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We provide professional services within high quality and low price for TV channels from all over the world.

  • An assistance in creating shooting groups. We can put at your disposal camera man, sound operator, producer, interpreter, driver, etc.

  • Producing services, such as arranging and assistance in shooting in different regions of Russia, other countries of former Soviet Union and neighboring countries. We already have produced shootings in Yugoslavia, Chechnya, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, etc. We still provide service of taking TV-groups in Kabul, Afghanistan.

  • Shooting for TV channels by their orders.

  • Searching rare videos in Russian archives including archives of Valery Bobkov Studio. If you are interested in just have a look at the section ARCHIVES.

  • Renting shooting equipment (cameras, lighting, sound ).

  • Helping with documentation. We will save your time and money.

    We are ready to work even in extreme weather conditions, in any regions and climate.

There is nothing impossible for us!!!

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Diving to the Pole
The new version of the film. This new HDV-film tells about preparation and realization of grandiose expedition to the North Pole, under direction of Chilingarov, with a diving to a North Pole ground (depth 4 200 meters). The film including unique pictures of the diving of Mir apparatus to the Arctic ground, wonderful arctic landscapes. Pictures of scientists work, discussions of participants of expedition about Arctics destiny. That expedition causes scandal about Arctical recourses..

Arctic Requiem
The new version of the film. Russian scientists from professors Yuri Gudoshnikov glaciology laboratory, by researching of Ice, Icebergs and Arctic animals every year making expedition to the Arctic. In the last expedition (may 2010), where there were also underwater researching, they have draw a conclusion, that North ice cap is melting too fast, and maybe, the world is staying on a border of ecological catastrophe. Population of polar bears, walruses and whales is in danger already today
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