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Are Polar Bears Murderers?

Mankind has changed the climate of our planet and global warming doubtlessly has had an impact on the animal world in the Arctic. The population of arctic animals living on ice such as seals and walruses is diminishing that causes a lack of food for Polar Bears. That's why they have to go people's settlements to find some food. Though bears are not aggressive animals, many meetings of a man with a bear didn't have a happy end.

The Amber Way

Amber is not only a jewellery semiprecious mineral - it is also used in space electronics. Getting Amber has become a business of life for many people. Some of them were successful in it, others weren't. We have met some amber-diggers from Kaliningrad region rich with the mineral. They told us about the advantages, troubles, dangers and just about the way of a digger's life.


This film is about Korean workers in Russia, who left their homes in hope of getting some money. We have spent some days with them to learn about their routine as much as we can. Every day they work hard felling age-old trees. They have no any modern conveniences and other facilities in the place they live at. Bad food, awful life conditions, old work equipment make their lives terrible. And this is for only 150US$ a month to send them to their families in Korea.

Heroine Highway

Annually The Russian special services carry out offensives tocapture and destroy cargos of heroin and other drugs taken through the territory of the Russian Federation. Our film is about one such operation. The Federal Drug Control Service (FSCD) has received information from a captured drug courier that a large delivery of heroin (1100 kg) should from laboratory of General Azizitdina in Afghanistan, will pass through Russia to Europe. However, as the drug courier alleges, a new more reliable route has been chosen to avoid loss of the delivery. In order to check this information, a special drugs gourp has been formed and immediately leaves for the capital of Tadjikistan - Dushanbe.

Pirates of Crimea

The Black Sea always was a place of naval battles, so there are a lot of sunken sailing vessels and ships full of goods and rarities. So, our story is about people who stole the valuable things from the seabed. They are known as the underwater pirates. Their business is very hard, but extremely interesting and profitable.

Dolphins the underwater soldiers

Dolphins are one of the most intelligent animals in the world. We know many stories about drowning people that were saved by dolphins, but there are not many people who know that these animals can be good soldiers as well. There is a base for a military training of dolphins near Sevastopol in Russia. One group of nine such soldiers already exists. They can realize different tasks under water and to be invaluable helpers of the Russian Navy.

Russian Nuclear Range and the Mining Centre of 'Krasnoyarsk 26' on the New Land.

Nuclear test moratorium was announced in the end of the 20th century. Since that time the biggest Russian Nuclear Range and the Centre of the production of the nuclear weapon utilize nuclear waste. The scientists are waiting for the repeal of the moratorium because they would be able to put their effort into practice in that case. But on the other hand, people must care about the ecological situation on the New Land. Many of them wish their children to live in an other place.

Old Believers' Land

A settlement of people, known as Old Believers, exists somewhere in Siberia, Russia. Their way of life in practically the same as it was in the 16th century. Our heroes are the family of Old Believers. Nickolay Kokonin is the father, the smith, the priest and the hunter at once. We will spend a day at their place and will learn something about their life.

There is nothing impossible for us!!!

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Diving to the Pole
The new version of the film. This new HDV-film tells about preparation and realization of grandiose expedition to the North Pole, under direction of Chilingarov, with a diving to a North Pole ground (depth 4 200 meters). The film including unique pictures of the diving of Mir apparatus to the Arctic ground, wonderful arctic landscapes. Pictures of scientists work, discussions of participants of expedition about Arctics destiny. That expedition causes scandal about Arctical recourses..

Arctic Requiem
The new version of the film. Russian scientists from professors Yuri Gudoshnikov glaciology laboratory, by researching of Ice, Icebergs and Arctic animals every year making expedition to the Arctic. In the last expedition (may 2010), where there were also underwater researching, they have draw a conclusion, that North ice cap is melting too fast, and maybe, the world is staying on a border of ecological catastrophe. Population of polar bears, walruses and whales is in danger already today
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