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Victims of two dictatorships

This film is about lives of different people that were captured or send off for forced labors in German during the World War Second. Thousand and million Russian people died in concentration camps. Then stayed alive people came to German government to get some help, but just some of them were given a little sum of money.

The man who Ridded a Dragon

This film is about a famous Russian science-fiction writer Efremov. His profession was a scientist, and he always was chased by Russian secret service. The man who discovered many laws of nature and foreseen lots of future discovers had attracted much attention of the government.

Music as a treatment

Our film is about an extraordinary and effective way of treatment for different diseases - about music. However strange it seems, many people healed listening classic music by Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and others. So, music heals not only the soul!!!

The Secrets of Russian Museum

Our film is dedicated to a very talented Russian artist and sculptor Fedot Shubin. He created luxurious palaces and ceremonial (gala) portraits for Russian tsars and lords, but he died in extreme poverty and disgrace. His last work was a sculpture Khronos.

Fortune on the one hand and slavery on the other hand - that was the life of the artist. But he remained to be a votary of the eternity, to impress living faces of his contemporaries.

A real tale

This is a good kind cartoon for children. It is a story about the White Beaver who was some kind of a butt of jokes for all beavers, even for his family. But in his unlikeness we can see all his good properties. And he is the best of all beavers as we can see in the end of the tale.

Fiesta of Frida Kalo

This film is about Frida Kalo, the last girlfriend of Lev Trotsky. Though she had a lot of diseases her life was like a carnival. Frida was an ardent revolutionary, talented artist, strong, beautiful and attractive woman. Even her funeral became a play.

Orange jam

Our cartoon is about two lovers, whose real strong love could overcame all the difficulties, wrench and awful tricks of a horrible and cruel man who parted them.

The city of microbes

This 3D animation is about the world of microorganisms we call microbes. They pass all the way of evolution with us. They are near since the first men appeared. Not only people are able to speak, have fun, get some advertisements, to carry out science tests. Microbes' life is not less interesting and absorbing.

Minister's of Defense Son

It is a new version of an old Russian tale. The story is about a young man, Ivan, who had to marry to a little smart frog Vasilisa. But the wily plan of the smart frog wasn't brought into life and Ivan finally fond his real love.

The factory of wonders

This film is about people whose voices favorite children cartoon heroes are speaking with. Being a "voice" actor requires a special talent of controlling the voice and enormous feeling expense.

Our heroes - Livanov, Tabakov, Leonov, Papanov, Zelenaya and others - did their work excellent. The proof is the love of million children.

The factory of wonders 4

Here we tell you about a wonderful profession of animator. People of this profession create beautiful worlds where action of all the cartoons takes place and the heroes of these cartoons. Animators are artists, painting actors. Their sense of the movements, the form and the inner life of characters helps them in creating their masterpieces.

Russian Lacquered Miniature

This film is about Russian lacquered miniature - one of the kinds of national crafts of our country. For many years some people were keeping up the technology of creating lacquered boxes, wood eggs and pictures. Now you have an opportunity to learn some secrets and something about the history of this rather interesting craft.

Shoes for a bear

This film is about artists in foot-gear.

To live is to move. Every day we make thousands steps and we have to wear shoes to reach the maximal comfort. But some people need a special pare of shoes. For example actors, clowns and people with non-standard feet. That's why they have to go to shoemakers of special qualification.

Searching for Ancient Titanic

In this film we will set off to find the legendary ancient ship called Leontofora crashed nearby the most famous trade city of that time.

Everybody knows that the main way of communication between countries and continents in the Ancient World was the see. That why shipbuilding was at the highest level that time. And the best ship of all the variety was Leontofora.

People at the Cold Sea

In this film we will tell you about people living at the northern seaside of Russia. Their forefathers were hiding themselves there from tsar's anger. They preferred living in territory with rigorous climate. That's how they got a new fatherland.

The tales of Russian forest

Here are some stories of a forester about his friendship with wild animals. One time he saves a motherless wolf cub, helps trot, than he lets little mouse stay at his home for winter. These series are not only about good and friendship between people and animals. Your children also can learn something about the world around us.

The World of Animation or Animation of the World

Heroes of this film are two animators from Kiev Animation Studio. Firstly we will meet Evgeny Sivokon, a classic of Ukraine animation. He will tell us about the business of his life. Then you can see some creative workers of the Kiev Animation Studio who will tell you their memories about mother of striking Ukraine animation Irina Gurvich.

Music and Colors

Music and colors. No words and anything else. Sounds of nature and classic melodies, marvelous landscapes, pictures of famous artists: Levitan, Shishkin, Aivasovsky and others, cities' views, peoples' every day life, museums, the beauty of Russian nature: You will enjoy and relax by watching this picture.

Bulat Okudjava

This film is about two brilliant and famous artists Bulat Okudzhava and Urij Shevchuk. Though they work in different styles and lines of art their thoughts and feelings are integrated. Ten years later after they met each other on a concert in Saint Petersburg Urij tells us about Okudzhava.

Sashka Dubov

This film is about a man who during the World War Second a lot of times periled his life to get secret information or even documents for Russian secret services. His nickname was Sashka Dubov but his real name was Sigizmund Dichbalis. He is a man with a remarkable bright life. He did everything he could for his fatherland.

Vladimir Vysotsky

This film is dedicated to an artistic creative work of extremely talented Russian musician, poet and actor Vladimir Vysotsky. He had an intensive sense of social conflicts and told about them in his songs and poems. He was an idol for million admirers. People will never forget him, his words are in their hearts forever.

Kirensk the Town and the Citizens

The film is talking about one of the little towns of Siberia and about the every day life of people there. Kirensk is situated between two Siberian rivers and is practically fully separated from the continental part of Russia.

With the help of one of the citizens we will walk around the town and meet a lot of local inhabitants.

Legends of the Heart of our World

This film is about Tunkinsky nature reserve. According to one old legend it is the heart of our world. You will see astounding landscapes, charming shaman's rituals and local people who will tell you lots of old legends and tales kept up by many generations of their forefathers. You will discover a new world of universe votaries.

People and their friends

This film is dedicated to relationships between people and animals. It includes some stories about involving animals in science experiments, entertaining and military programs. This film is a try to understand feelings of , but not of the people.

Russian artist Aleksey Shmarinov

The hero of this film is extremely talented Russian artist Aleksey Shmarinov. He is very famous not only in Russia but also in Europe, and his pictures can be fond in many museums in different cities. He was awarded by Golden Laurel for his valuable contribution to art. He was inspired by Russian nature for creating his masterpieces.

Here in this film you will see unique interviews with the artist and his friend who will tell you about Aleksey's life and work.

The Gold of Kremlin

In this film we will tell you the history of Russia in a very unusual way. Everybody knows that there is a great collection of golden jewelries, arms and other objects in Kremlin. But does anybody know that it is the living, absorbing and bright Russian history?

You have a possibility to see all the riches (wealth) of Russian nation, golden stuffing of Kremlin.

Wives of traitors

This film is about women arrested just because their husbands were suspected in antigovermental crimes like being heterodox. You'll be shocked by injustice of the government of Soviet Russia. Thousands of families were destroyed. Children became orphans. Later when stayed alive women come to the government to get some help some of them were given miserable sum of money. But nothing could return them their families and lives.

The main constructor of Soviet Union

This film is dedicated to life and work of Russian state and party figure Aleksey Kosygin. You will see unique documental materials relating to the man who understood all the weaknesses of the soviet government and creates a special program to promote it. He was a respected intellectual person, enjoyed Stalin's confidence, an important historical figure.

Terpsichore's captures 1

This film is dedicated to a creative way of famous Russian ballet-dancer Natalya Balakhnicheva. She have been taking ballet lessons since early childhood. Though the heroes of the film are ballet-dancers, the film is about a duel between two women: a teacher and a pupil. Every ballet lesson is a courage lesson, too.

Terpsichore's captures 2

This musical film is about two dance cultures. Natalya Balakhnicheva, the main ballerina of the theatre Kremlin ballet, meets american modern dance professional Bill T. Jones. Will they understand each other? Will Natalya get the freedom of dance?

Unique interviews and documental materials make the film extremely interesting. Beautiful music and dance scenes will make you enjoy the viewing.

The time of giant cars

This film is about one of the biggest cars in the world. They are made in Byelorussia and called BYELAZ. BYELAZ is 7 meter high and 9,5 meter width. During war these cars were used to skid tractors in different situations. Moreover the cars can be used in extractive industry - their carrying power is 350 tons. You will be amazed by the size and power of BYELAZ.

A travel to Dudutki

In this film we travel with three children who say that it is not necessary to go to far away abroad to see marvelous places and learn a lot of interesting facts. We will visit a little Byelorussian town called Dudutki to introduce national crafts, traditions and culture of the country.

Plane dancers

This is about people whose second home is the sky. Russkie Vityazi is a group of pilots on fighters carrying out group manoeuvres. These men have to be brave, strong and stay to take every day trainings in the sky.

You have a possibility to see exclusive video records from the trainings and appearance of these unique collective.

To struggle and to search

This film is about a new method of treatment different benign tumours. Too many people were healed only because of photodynamic therapy. Our hero's face was practically mutilated after an unsuccessful operation and only this new method and a talented doctor Mikhail Kaplan could help her.

Heroes but not the last

In this film we will tell you about two Byelorussian women (Yana and Kseniya) who met at Russian TV program "The Last Hero". Their lives are too different, but they have a similar credo of life: "To be the best in getting your goal".

The choice

This film is about people who live peaceful life in (Belovezhskaya pusha). Everybody has different thoughts about ideal life. Our heroes found their happiness there, far away from big vanity cities.

We are from Dynamo

This film is about two outstanding Byelorussian sportsmen, members of Moscow Dinamo. The first is Aleksandr Kharitonov, he has already got a lot of awards. The second is Mikhail Grabovskoi. He is a young but talented sportsmen. But their hearts are full of infinite love with hockey.

The line of a flight

This film is about a heroic behavior of a Byelorussian pilot Vladimir Oskin. One time his plane was meeting disaster right over a town. Vladimir could save himself but townspeople could die then. The pilot turned his plane away from the town and couldn't leave the cabin in time to stay alive. This horrible self-sacrifice will never be forgotten by local people, by his friends and family.

People and cars in Antarctica

Our film is about people who always need action. A peaceful life is not for them - they always travel in search of extreme. Expedition to Antarctica - that's they need now!!! Irreplaceable helpers in their extreme traveling will be supercars!!! All terrain vehicle, all terrain people:

Compatibility test

This film is about two cosmonauts, who stayed at a space station for 63 days together. Their names are Vitaly Sevostiyanov and Peter Klimchuk. Was it hard for two adult men to stay alone far away from their wives and children? It was a real test for their friendship and they passed it excellent.

You have a possibility to see unique video material shot at the station that have never been screened before.

There is nothing impossible for us!!!

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Diving to the Pole
The new version of the film. This new HDV-film tells about preparation and realization of grandiose expedition to the North Pole, under direction of Chilingarov, with a diving to a North Pole ground (depth 4 200 meters). The film including unique pictures of the diving of Mir apparatus to the Arctic ground, wonderful arctic landscapes. Pictures of scientists work, discussions of participants of expedition about Arctics destiny. That expedition causes scandal about Arctical recourses..

Arctic Requiem
The new version of the film. Russian scientists from professors Yuri Gudoshnikov glaciology laboratory, by researching of Ice, Icebergs and Arctic animals every year making expedition to the Arctic. In the last expedition (may 2010), where there were also underwater researching, they have draw a conclusion, that North ice cap is melting too fast, and maybe, the world is staying on a border of ecological catastrophe. Population of polar bears, walruses and whales is in danger already today
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